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Board and Train

Do you have a new dog or puppy that needs consistent daily help to learn expectations? Boarding and training in my house might be for you. In my house they will be a part of the everyday goings on. They will have crate training, exposure to kids, cats, chickens & ducks, cows, and pigs. They will learn appropriate behaviors during meal times and when visitors come. They will have guided play sessions with our dogs as well as the dogs who come for day training as appropriate. They will go on outings to support training needs to pet stores, hardware stores, parks, etc. Board and train is a minimum of 14 nights, but can be as long as needed if you are planning around a family or work trip. Note: Board and train is not appropriate for dogs showing any aggression towards other animals or people. In board and train your dog will learn to take cues from me, the trainer. Retention of behaviors is dependent upon your maintaining training once your dog is home. 

14 night board & train $2450

Includes initial consultation, 14 nights of board and train, one transfer session at your house, two follow up sessions, and life long phone, email, and text support.

each additional night $150

add $25/ night if dog is not crate trained previously

add $100/ session for additional follow up sessions

Ask about multiple dog board and train.

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