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Welcome to Pacific Canine! I'm so excited to work with you, your family, and your dog! How can I help bring peace to your household?


Day Training

Do you have a busy lifestyle that leaves you feeling like you don’t have enough time to work on training with your dog? I can train your dog 2-3 times a week and then transfer the cues over to you in a weekly session. Your dog will get the time and attention that they need to learn your household expectations and how to interact in the world.  I will teach them the behaviors and you will just need to follow through on the training that they already know. 

Family Coaching

We will work with you, your family, and dog together to learn your household’s expectations and bring peace to your household.


Behavior Issues

Does your dog have a particular unfavorable behavior that you need help changing to a behavior that is more enjoyable? Do they jump up on people to say hi? Pick up things off the ground? Bark at you or at people that walk by? Play rough with you and not understand not to put their mouth on you? I can help figure out why the behavior is happening and how we can use management and training to change the behavior. 


Do you have a new puppy and need help with crate training, potty training, biting, feeding / food selection, toy play / toy selection, socialization, or anything else puppy? I can help you set up your pup to be their best self and guide you on how to manage their time and spaces. 

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Board and Train

Do you have a new dog or puppy that needs consistent daily help to learn expectations? Maybe you are going out of town for work or play? Maybe you need a break from your puppy or adolescent dog? Boarding and training in my house might be for you.

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About Julie

Hello my name is Julie! I have been in love with animals since I was born. As a kid I grew up surrounded by animals of all types: black labs, a rough collie named Joshua, a ton of cats, parakeets, love birds, my welsh mountain pony Nickel, my thoroughbred mare Glory, a cranky hamster, and my two chickens. I attended UC Davis studying Animal Science. From there I moved back to Marin and started working as a technician at a vet clinic in Mill Valley. I worked there for several years and found myself interested in training when I adopted a reactive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Charley. I worked with a trainer and learned about the Animal Behavior Academy with Trish King at the Marin Humane Society which I then attended. I transfered to working at the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of Marin. From there I attended and graduated from the San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers at the SF SPCA. While doing volunteer hours I met my mentor, Charlie Reinhart with Unleashed Dog Training in Petaluma, CA. I worked as a contractor with Unleashed from 2008-2022 teaching classes, seeing private clients, and doing consultations. In spring of 2022 I decided to grow my own business and have been focusing on board and train and day training clients. I look forward to working with your family!

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Happy Clients


“Julie is personable and highly skilled in her behavioral techniques and applications with dogs. She provided easy steps to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks, allowing us to continue working with our dog when she wasn’t with us. She has brought a deeper connection with our family and our beloved pup.”

Erica & Ben Gregory


“Julie offers real life relative dog training and exposed our dog to children and other pets. She is very easygoing and accommodating to our family’s needs. I would recommend her highly if you need help with your family dog.”

Katie & Richard Phipps


“Julie is a wonderful, experienced and calm dog trainer. She uses a positive, gentle approach that is very effective with dogs. She worked with my Cavalier Spaniel as a puppy and helped me to be more confident as an owner. Julie has continued working with Duke, who is seven years old, doing weekly walks and she also boards him when I’m away. Duke loves her and I think the feeling is mutual! I highly recommend Julie.”

Margie Foster


“My family worked with Julie when our dog Ivan was just a puppy. He is gigantic and very energetic, and she was so knowledgeable and helpful when it came to teaching us how to manage his bouncy and excitable behavior. Julie is a wonderful trainer and was able to help us work through any concerns or rough patches we were having, and always answered questions we had about re-training our older dog at home as well. Thank you Julie for helping us make our big puppy our best and most loyal friend!”

Amy & Dustin Cathcart

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